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He said, ''You think that in this unequal figureht it would be helpful if we have an Englishman on our side.This process of analysing transactions and recording their effects directly in the accounts is helpful as a learning exercise.Assertiveness, time management, rational thinking, improving relationships, self-care, and overcoming unhelpful habits such as perfectionism, procrastination, etc.It is helpful in identifying the deficiencies in the performance of management functions.Where is the need to debate? That is also a very helpful way of thinking about this matter.Accepts democratic elections as a useful and helpful means for securing the objective of socioeconomic justice in India.This is helpful particularly when each gadget has different resistance and requires different current to operate properly.It is quite likely that students might have not heard of this tragedy and it would be helpful to have them research this and perhaps create a wallpaper or skit on this for the entire school.He spent his childhood in the log-cottage where he was born, was dutiful to his mother and helpful to her in many things, assisting her much with his little hands, and more with his loving heart.Ratio analysis offers many advantages including enabling financial statement analysis, helping understand efficacy of decisions, simplifying complex figureures and establish relationships, being helpful in comparative analysis, identification of problem areas, enables SWOT analysis, and allows various comparisons.A simple and flexible labour legislation is helpful in running industries, maximising production and generating employment.Though financial analysis is quite helpful in determining financial strengths and weaknesses of a firm, it is based on the information available in financial statements.Throughout the world, doing good to others and being helpful is described as a virtue.Individuals who are brought up in a family environment that sets examples of helping others, emphasises helping as a value, and praises helpfulness, and showing more prosocial behaviour than individuals who are brought up in a family environment devoid of these features.It is also helpful in checking the accuracy of past assessments of future cash flows and in examining the relationship between profitability and net cash flow and impact of changing prices.

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