Idle example sentences

If they have any idle production capacities, manufacturing jobs obtained on contract basis in a way provide a ready market for their products and ensure greater utilisation of their production capacities.It is the story of Ramchandra Mangaraj, a landlord's manager who cheats his idle and drunken master and then eyes the plot of fertile land owned by Bhagia and Shariya, a childless weaver couple.Short-term borrowings offer the benefit of reduced cost due to reduction of idle capital, but long – term borrowings are considered a necessity on many grounds.His uncle Shyam had passed the matriculation examination, but, was sitting idle in the house as he had no job.He only shivered in the cold and became embarrassed when the carters jeered at him for his idleness, his feebleness, and his tattered, fancy overcoat.I watched dumbstruck as a hundred carefully sorted documents came raining down in a fluttery cascade, coins bounced to a variety of noisy oblivions and the now-lidless tin of tobacco rolled crazily across the concourse disgorging its contents as it went.Djinn of All Deserts, said the Horse, is it right for anyone to be idle? Certainly not, said the Djinn.You will see that everyone is working, none remains idle, but in actual fact their labour effort gets divided.Demand for goods in the market was low, many factories were lying idle, workers were thrown out of jobs.You ve given the Three extra work ever since Monday morning, all on account of your idleness, said the Djinn.

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