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They were micro (meaning small ) agents consumers choosing their respective optimum combinations of goods to buy, given their tastes and incomes; and producers trying to make maximum profit out of producing their goods keeping their costs as low as possible and selling at a price as high as they could get in the markets.Breakeven analysis helps a firm in keeping a close check over its variable costs and determines the level of activity at which the firm can earn its target profit.The other production activities, referred to as nonfarm activities include small manufacturing, transport, shop-keeping, etc.Since bee-keeping needs low investments, farmers use it as an additional income generating activity.It helps to minimise dishonest behaviour on the part of the employees by keeping a close check on their activities.They have a hard time keeping their minds on any one thing or in following instructions.However, Pacioli did not claim that he was the inventor of double entry book-keeping but spread the knowledge of it.For example, purchase of machinery, installing and keeping it ready for manufacturing is an event which comprises number of financial transactions such as buying a machine, transportation of machine, site preparation for installation of a machine, expenditure incurred on its installation and trial runs.It not only helps in keeping a track on the progress of activities but also ensures that activities conform to the standards set in advance so that organisational goals are achieved.Keeping in view the volume of traffic and passengers, the road network is inadequate.The multiple objects can be selected by keeping the Shift Key pressed, followed by clicking at desired objects.Thus, business firm should choose a source keeping in mind the extent to which they are willing to share their control over business.This relieves the retailers of the work of collecting goods from several producers and keeping big inventory of the same.In some instances, the struggles of the marginalised have influenced the government to frame new laws, in keeping with the spirit of the Fundamental Rights.Management of protected areas, by keeping the local people out, by using force cannot possibly be successful in the long run.

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