Lash example sentences

” “And do you find it annoying when someone like me comes and disturbs you in your work?” The answer flashed.Tibu helped them to identify sal, teak, semal, sheesham, neem, palash, figure, khair, amla, bamboo, kachnar.PTSD symptoms vary widely but may include recurrent dreams, flashbacks, impaired concentration, and emotional numbing.You will observe that unprotected soil splashes out.On the first can sprinkle water very slowly so that no soil splashes out.Where the 'rain' is heavy the amount of soil that splashes out is the maximum and least in case of the first can.In Madagascar, for example, about 85 per cent of the plants and animals are not only found nowhere else in the world, but its people are also among the world's poorest and rely on slash and burn agriculture for subsistence farming.Soon, however, in many weaving villages there were reports of clashes between weavers and gomasthas.And despite the secular ideals enshrined in the Constitution, there have been clashes between different religious groups in many states.The preference of one group can clash with those of other groups.The only thought that flashed through his mind was whether his family had survived the fury of the super cyclone.Also, there are people with whom we face interpersonal difficulties, 'a personality clash' of sorts.The 'slash and burn' agriculture is known as 'Milpa' in Mexico and Central America, 'Conuco' in enzuela, 'Roca' in Brazil, 'Masole' in Central Africa, 'Ladang' in Indonesia, 'Ray' in ietnam.They slashed and burnt forests, pulled out the stumps, cleared the land for cultivation, and built log cabins in the forest clearings.Dark clouds accompanied by blinding flashes of lightning and roaring rolls of thunder burst with all their fury, flooding the streets with a heavy downpour.

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