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On receipt of goods from the customer, a credit note is prepared, like the debit note referred to earlier.Some of the important economic commodities that biodiversity supplies to humankind are: food crops, livestock, forestry, fish, medicinal resources, etc.While we sat there on the curb, planning my new bedroom, I heard someone walk up to me from behind and say, “Does this belong to you?” When I turned around to see who it was, I couldn't believe my eyes.This model was first formulated by Freud who believed that three central forces shape personality — instinctual needs, drives and impulses (id), rational thinking (ego), and moral standards (superego).About 4700 years ago, some of the earliest cities flourished on the banks of these rivers.लगभग 4700 वर्ष पूर्व इन्हीं नदियों के किनारे कुछ आरंभिक नगर फले-फूले|In the earlier chapters, you have already learnt that accounting of transactions are documented with vouchers.Air supplies carbon and oxygen, hydrogen comes from water, and soil supplies the other thirteen nutrients to plants.Collective belief in a supernatural agency – religion – was often closely connected with the social and economic organisation of local communities.The Konkani peasants also gave supplies of rice which the shepherds took back to the plateau where grain was scarce.The coming of the European trading companies created new economic opportunities; many families belonging to these social groups availed of these.This relieves the manufacturers of many of the marketing activities and enable them to concentrate on the production activity.The business enterprise supplies the environment with its outputs such as goods and services for customers, payment of taxes to government, return on financial investment to investors and so on.Domestic and international businesses also differ in respect of the nationalities of the other stakeholders such as employees, suppliers, shareholders/ partners and general public who interact with business firms.Here we have the great man, at last!” And, what greatly puzzled Ernest, they seemed actually to believe that here was the likeness which they spoke of.Such movements have also influenced the evolution of the present landform features relief of India.

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