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Just think – will it be cheaper to have collective security for the whole locality or for each house to have its own security man? What if no one, other than you, in your village or locality is interested in studying? Would you be able to study? Not unless your parents could afford to send you to some private school elsewhere.You would have heard of people complaining of 'party-politics' in your locality.You would have heard of people complaining of party-politics in your locality.(The goods not in demand in a particular locality may be transferred to another locality where it is in demand.Whether the products are purchased from a neighbourhood shop in a locality or a central market or a departmental store or a mall or even from any doorto- door salesperson or from an exhibition, all these would be considered to be examples of internal trade as the goods are purchased from an individual or establishment within a country.As most of their customers are residents of the same locality, an important factor contributing to their success is the image of the owner and the rapport he has established with them.All these markets are in a specific locality and work in a particular manner and time.It creates a sense of disunity and 'factionalism' in every locality.Cheap jacks are petty retailers who have independent shops of a temporary nature in a business locality.It creates a sense of disunity and factionalism in every locality.They keep on changing their business from one locality to another, depending upon the potentiality of the area.This person understands the address in that locality very well.Elected representative will be accountable to their constituency for what they do in the locality.People do not like to live or work in a locality that is littered with garbage, or has a constant foul smell.Government officials refused to recognise the plant as hazardous and allowed it to come up in a populated locality.

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