Manipulate example sentences

Inside the mouth the teeth masticates the food, the tongue tastes the food and manipulates it for proper mastication by mixing with the saliva.In macro programming, the objects using individual instructions called macro-oriented actions are manipulated.The major European powers, in turn, manipulated the nationalist aspirations of the subject peoples in Europe to further their own imperialist aims.These companies with huge wealth, power and reach can manipulate the market in various ways.The stored data is manipulated for necessary transformation to generate final reports.Musical (sensitivity to musical rhythms and patterns) : t is the capacity to produce, create and manipulate musical patterns.They engage in abstract reasoning, and can manipulate symbols to solve mathematical problems.Performance tests require subjects to manipulate objects and other materials to perform a task.ndividual tests allow people to answer orally or in a written form or manipulate objects as per the tester s instructions.

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