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50,000, what we are buying really is the services of the computer that we shall be getting over its estimated life span, say 5 years.The discovery of fire led to the practice of cooking and other processes while the invention of the wheel ultimately resulted in development of newer modes of transport.Under more than one circumstance, facts and figureures presented through financial statements are based on personal opinion, estimates and judgments.As per AS-3, operating activities are the activities that constitute the primary or main activities of an enterprise, for example, for a company manufacturing garments, procurement of raw material, incurrence of manufacturing expenses, sale of garments, etc.These use steel as their raw material to make many different products such as railroad equipment, heavy machinery and rails.Industry is concerned with the production or processing of goods and materials.The conversation among the four classmates is obviously focused on the meaning, nature and purpose of business.According to the National Health and Family Survey (NHFS) 1998 99, the number of such women and children is approximately 11 crore.Despite decline in the percentage of the poor, the number of poor has declined marginally from 475 million in 1981 to 428 million in 200 Because of different poverty line definition, poverty in India is also shown higher than the national estimates.that reduces the availability of the quantity of the material or asset.If consumption is the ultimate objective, these consumables – goods and services – are to be both produced and purchased.Most of these substances ultimately pass out alongwith digestive wastes.The distribution of natural resources depends upon number of physical factors like terrain, climate and altitude.They learn how to catch fish and how to collect material from the forests.It is estimated to play a significant role in physical illness and disease.

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