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By the late nineteenth century, however, the craft of iron smelting was in decline.It is worthwhile to note that gallium with unusually low melting point (303K), could exist in liquid state during summer.There are numerous physical properties of elements such as melting and boiling points, heats of fusion and vaporization, energy of atomization, etc.A strong metal with high melting point such as tungsten (melting point 3380°C) is used for making bulb filaments.Rest of the members are soft metals with low melting point and high electrical conductivity.Limestone is the basic raw material for the cement industry and essential for smelting iron ore in the blast furnace.Changes of phase such as melting, vaporization and sublimation usually occur at constant temperature and can be characterized by enthalpy changes which are always positive.But iron smelting in India was extremely common till the end of the nineteenth century.conductors of electricity as we have seen in Chapter From the data on the boiling and melting points of the above compounds, we can conclude that the forces of attraction between these molecules are not very strong.Since the melting away of his gold, it had been generally agreed that there was no great likeness, after all, between the ruined merchant and the majestic face upon the mountain.The increase in the greenhouse gases is raising the temperature of the earth's atmosphere which, if not checked, may eventually result in melting of polar ice caps and consequently may submerge the costal land mass.If these trends continue, the average global temperature will increase to a level which may lead to melting of polar ice caps and flooding of low lying areas all over the earth.The raw material is put in the blast furnace where it undergoes smelting (Figure 6).The rates would fluctuate between an upper and a lower limit, these limits being set by the costs of melting, shipping and recoining between the two Currencies To maintain the official parity each country needed an adequate stock of gold reserves.Lothar Meyer plotted the physical properties such as atomic volume, melting point and boiling point against atomic weight and obtained a periodically repeated pattern.

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