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Any violation of this order may invite penalties and imprisonment, the commission said.Hodge, a British missionary in Champaran who observed the entire episode at close range.The strike began with a demand to take back a crane operator, a woman worker, who was unjustly dismissed from service.The news of Gandhi's advent and of the nature of his mission spread quickly through Muzzafarpur and to Champaran.Having shipped the goods, the overseas supplier prepares a set of necessary documents as per the terms of contract and letter of credit and hands it over to his or her banker for their onward transmission and negotiation to the importer in the manner as specified in the letter of credit.Natural gas is considered an environment friendly fuel because of low carbon dioxide emissions and is, therefore, the fuel for the present century.Compare the account head/title and amount appearing in the trial balance, with that of the ledger to detect any difference in amount or omission of an account.Automatic permission was now granted for technology agreements with foreign companies.Withdrawal from Debenture Redemption Reserve is permissible only after 10% of the debenture liability has already been reduced by the company.Here we also examine the role of the Election Commission in ensuring free and fair elections.” This settlement was adopted unanimously by the commission.Other items of revenue common to many businesses are: commission, interest, dividends, royalities, rent received, etc.In the morning he wakes up with a heavy head, misses breakfast, and barely makes it in time to school for his examination.The Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) is appointed by the President of India.Errors and Omissions constitute the third element in the BoP (apart from the current and capital accounts) which is the 'balancing item' reflecting our inability to record all international transactions accurately.

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