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New companies generally find it difficult to raise funds through public deposits; It is an unreliable source of finance as the public may not respond when the company needs money; Collection of public deposits may prove difficult, particularly when the size of deposits required is large.For example, one of the important rule is to record all transactions on the basis of historical cost, which is verifiable from the documents such as cash receipt for the money paid.Money supply will change if the value of any of its components such as CU, DD or Time Deposits changes.5%! And yet this very small percentage of people who are engaged in agriculture in the US receive massive sums of money from the US government for production and for exports to other countries.Thus we see that demand deposits share the essential features of money.It can be a purchase of goods, receipt of money, payment to a creditor, incurring expenses, etc.Candidates and parties with a lot of money may not be sure of their victory but they do enjoy a big and unfair advantage over smaller parties and independents.In reality, therefore, it seems that it is only people with money who have the right to water – a far cry from the goal of universal access to 'sufficient and safe' water.“But Maya, Mr Mehta told us he doesn't work anywhere, so how can he possibly have money to pay for food?” Nishad said.Finally, the stress experience will be determined by the resources of the person, such as money, social skills, coping style, support networks, etc.They tend to nominate those candidates who have or can raise lots of money.A large amount of money is spent in conducting elections in India.The money did not reach his daughter at the time when she needed it nor did it reach months later.Before the introduction of coins, a variety of objects was used as money.Money measurement postulate assumes that the value of money will remain the same in different periods.

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