Neat example sentences

He realised the winners had tried to do real experiments, not simply make a neat display.I opened the box beneath the table and took out a book, the Materia Medica.On both sides of the gravel-road were acre upon acre of tea bushes, all neatly pruned to the same height.Their main purpose, however, is not to hold surface water but to recharge the ground water beneath.Such an arrangement of minerals or grains in metamorphic rocks is called foliation or lineation.People do not fit into such simple categorisation schemes so neatly.There was a wooden bench beneath a solitary elm where lovers sometimes came.Who sings the song? The poetry of earth is never dead: When all the birds are faint with the hot sun, And hide in cooling trees, a voice will run From hedge to hedge about the new-mown mead, That is the grasshopper s he takes the lead In summer luxury he has never done With his delights, for when tired out with fun He rests at ease beneath some pleasant weed.Can you imagine what your city would look like if you saw it from ten thousand feet above the ground? Neatly planned and perfect in proportion like a geometric design, it would strike you as something very different from what it actually is while you are in the thick of it.I picked up the comb and ran it through my hair and adjusted the parting so that it looked straight and neat.However, with repeated use, the gold coating wears off, revealing silver or some other metal beneath.However, if these are accidentally scratched, the shiny coating comes off revealing a not so shiny surface beneath.I struck it sharply with the side of my fist and the drawer flew open to reveal a shallow space underneath, a secret drawer.What fun it will be if I pick up the rock and find four rupees underneath! So, are you ready? I am going towards the signal.The spacing becomes important when the controls are to be spread out or move closer together for a neater visual layout.

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