Nice example sentences

The plant body may be unicellular, colonial or filamentous.She had stood by and said nothing, but Wanda had been nice to her, anyway.In the rattrap lay also a letter written in large, jagged characters — “Honoured and noble Miss, “Since you have been so nice to me all day long, as if I was a captain, I want to be nice to you, in return, as if I was a real captain — for I do not want you to be embarrassed at this Christmas season by a thief; but you can give back the money to the old man on the roadside, who has the money pouch hanging on the window frame as a bait for poor wanderers.It is thallus-like and prostrate or erect, and attached to the substratum by unicellular or multicellular rhizoids.Hot tea could wash and clean up everything so nicely, after all! Marriage gifts are meaningless without the sweet bread known as the bol, just as a party or a feast loses its charm without bread.The size ranges from the microscopic unicellular forms like Chlamydomonas, to colonial forms like olvox and to the filamentous forms like Ulothrix and Spirogyra.The king may be nice and may provide economic prosperity, but a king cannot give a democratic rule.She wanted to tell her that they were sorry they had picked on her, and how wonderful the whole school thought she was, and please, not to move away and everybody would be nice.Such a charitable and improvident man, and yet he had enemies! Was it because he seemed so close and intimate with The Boss? Or was it his general demeanour that resembled a sycophant s? Or his readiness to say nice things about everything? In any case, there was this man in the make-up department who would wish the direst things for Subbu.All great people have said nice things about democracy.She and Peggy would figureht anybody who was not nice.Kiss each other! Eh? Kiss whom? [They kiss] ery nice, too.The basic reason for the difference between the actor and observer roles is that people want to have a nice image of themselves, as compared to others.My mother kept stoking the fire to keep the house nice and warm.A white rat, perhaps? I have some very nice white rats.

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