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An object having a capability to do work is said to possess energy.Reports, which do not meet the above stated objectives, lack or do not have sufficient information content, have no value.In short, kinetic energy is the energy possessed by an object due to its motion.Select Reports from objects list given in LHS of Database window and click at New object button of tool bar.The profit from such commercial (trading) activities is applied to fulfill the main objectives for which the organisation was set up, and so it is transferred to the Income and Expenditure Account.When they come in contact with any support, the part of the tendril in contact with the object does not grow as rapidly as the part of the tendril away from the object.Under this method, a data entry Form is created either as a data bound object or as an unbound object.The primary objectives were to obtain images and samples of the Martian surface and soil and search for any possible signs of life.A meteor is usually a small object that occasionally enters the earth's atmosphere.How do we detect that we are touching a hot object? All information from our environment is detected by the specialised tips of some nerve cells.This ensures that overall organisational objectives are accomplished.Objective-oriented reporting means designing the report in such a manner as to meet the pre-conceived objectives in view.The stars, the planets, the moon and many other objects in the sky are called celestial objects.If v is the velocity of the object at a given instant, the kinetic energy would be ½mv As the fall of the object continues, the potential energy would decrease while the kinetic energy would increase.Objectives can be classified into organisational objectives, social objectives and personal or individual objectives.

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