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When election officials come to the opinion that polling was not fair in some booths or even an entire constituency, they order a repoll.In an effort to reduce Mughal influence in Bengal he transferred all Mughal jagirdars to Orissa and ordered a major reassessment of the revenues of Bengal.The system must be described in order to make any useful calculations by specifying quantitatively each of the properties such as its pressure (p), volume ( ), and temperature (T ) as well as the composition of the system.Sorting order is meant to arrange such information content into numerical or alphabetical order.To get these large orders, Indian garment exporters try hard to cut their own costs.The terms Conduct Disorder and Antisocial Behaviour refer to ageinappropriate actions and attitudes that violate family expectations, societal norms, and the personal or property rights of others.Hence, organisms need to maintain the level of water within their bodies in order to stay alive.It can be seen that higher order ionization constants ( ) a2 a3 K ,K are smaller than the lower order ionization constant ( a1 K ) of a polyprotic acid.Second, he obtains loan in cash from the large trader as advance payment for 1000 pairs of shoes with a promise to deliver the whole order by the end of the month.When an ionic compound dissolves in a solvent, the ions leave their ordered positions on the crystal lattice.de Chancourtois in 186 He arranged the then known elements in order of increasing atomic weights and made a cylindrical table of elements to display the periodic recurrence of properties.They undertake various activities such as grading of products, packing into smaller lots, storage, transportation, promotion of goods, collection of market information, collection of small and scattered orders of retailers and distribution of supplies to them.He had sent a money-order to his village for his daughter s marriage.Political parties need to face and overcome these challenges in order to remain effective instruments of democracy.This is sufficient to create a deep-seated psychological disorder.

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