Overall example sentences

Top level managers need to coordinate with their subordinates to ensure that the overall policies for the organisation are duly carried out.The features of these government buildings were borrowed from different periods of India's imperial history, but the overall look was Classical Greece (fifth century BCE).It reflects the overall efficiency of the business, assumes great significance from the point of view of investors.The minister decides the overall framework and objectives in which decisions on policy should be made.But the overall electron density increases at these positions of the ring due to resonance.Matching the resource development plans with overall national development plans.They formulate overall organisational goals and strategies for their achievement.Depending on what the overall objective is, the minister decides.Its overall influence on the values of the equilibrium rate of interest, price level and output of an economy is of great significance.This is because the overall boss of the organisation, although an employee, does not have any boss and therefore a null value in this field is to be allowed to accommodate the situation.In this case, the overall electron density on benzene ring decreases making further substitution difficult, therefore these groups are also called 'deactivating groups'.Our body also generates energy from food by the same overall process as combustion, although the final products are produced after a series of complex bio-chemical reactions involving enzymes.It explains the overall utilisation of funds by a business enterprise.Taken together these elements constitute a child's overall learning environment.Lifestyle is the overall pattern of decisions and behaviours that determine a person's health and quality of life.

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