Painful example sentences

Credit in this case pushes the borrower into a situation from which recovery is very painful.How painful it must be to these parents? Next, note the year to which this data pertains.Sudden temporary alterations of consciousness that blot out painful experiences are a defining characteristic of dissociative disorders.Their minds and hearts are filled with sorrow, unrest and tension and they feel that they are unable to move ahead in their lives; they feel life is a painful, uphill struggle, sometimes not worth living.Worries can reach such a level that they surface as a frightening, painful physical sensation, which can be mistaken for a heart attack.The instructions were so arranged that the teacher was faced with a dilemma — should s/he continue shocks even when they were increasingly painful? The experimenter kept on motivating the teacher to continue.3 I should, however, be exceedingly surprised and even painfully surprised, if I were told that before cricket and football descended upon your sacred soil, your boys were devoid of all games.

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