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Since the capital of British India was Calcutta, the Mughal emperor was allowed to continue living in the palace complex in the Red Fort.While the Bharatpur fort was built in a fairly traditional style, at Dig the Jats built an elaborate garden palace combining styles seen at Amber and Agra.The one at the top is Aladdin from the Orient who built a beautiful palace with his magic lamp.Besides the temple, there are palaces with mandapas or pavilions.When the procession of workers led by Father Gapon reached the Winter Palace it was attacked by the police and the Cossacks.But the new buildings had to assert British importance: that is why the architect made sure that the iceroy's Palace was higher than Shah Jahan's Jama Masjid! New Delhi took nearly 20 years to build.For instance, the central dome of the iceroy's Palace was copied from the Buddhist stupa at Sanchi, and the red sandstone and carved screens or jalis were borrowed from Mughal architecture.When New Delhi was built, the National Museum and the National Archives were both located close to the iceregal Palace.Pro-government troops were sent to take over telephone and telegraph offices and protect the Winter Palace.On the bitterly cold morning of 18 January 1871, an assembly comprising the princes of the German states, representatives of the army, important Prussian ministers including the chief minister Otto von Bismarck gathered in the unheated Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of ersailles to proclaim the new German Empire headed by Kaiser William I of Prussia.Remember that ordinary women and men painted as well – on pots, walls, floors, cloth – works of art that have occasionally survived, unlike the miniatures that were carefully preserved in palaces for centuries.Lal Qila or the Red Fort, made of red sandstone, contained the palace complex.On the left bank were the fashionable areas, the Winter Palace, and official buildings, including the palace where the Duma met.They also played an important role in the construction of palaces, big buildings, tanks and reservoirs.But Princess September ran through all the rooms of the palace, singing like a lark, while the little bird flew round and round her singing like a nightingale.

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