Party example sentences

He has a fixed tenure of four years and completes it even if his party does not have a majority in the Congress.When a party or coalition of parties secures a clear majority in the elections, the President, has to appoint the leader of the majority party or the coalition that enjoys majority support in the Lok Sabha.In arbitration, the third party has the authority to give a decision after hearing both parties.For example, if the interaction is on a happy social occasion, such as a party or public celebration, the presence of a large number of persons in the same physical setting may cause no stress at all.Party system is not something any country can choose.So if a political party is motivated only by desire to be in power, even then it will be forced to serve the people.He came with a big party of friends and relations with him for the wedding.In other countries like India, top party leaders choose candidates for contesting elections.If several parties compete for power, and more than two parties have a reasonable chance of coming to power either on their own strength or in alliance with others, we call it a multi-party system.From the second half of February of this year, in various regions of the Ukraine … mass insurrections of the peasantry have taken place, caused by distortions of the Party's line by a section of the lower ranks of the Party and the Soviet apparatus in the course of the introduction of collectivization and preparatory work for the spring harvest.The bill can be initially endorsed by the drawer by putting his signatures at the back of the bill along with the name of the party to whom it is being transferred.The owner of the assets is called the 'lessor' while the party that uses the assets is known as the 'lessee' (see Box A).“There was no debate (over him) winning the Nobel, but politics is different – very challenging and often controversial,” said a senior leader of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party.But the moment we form a party, all the goodwill we have earned all these years will be lost.A debit note will contain the name of the party (to whom the goods have been returned) details of the goods returned and the reason for returning the goods.

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