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The various passes across the mountains in the north have provided passages to the ancient travellers, while the oceans restricted such interaction for a long time.Written down value method is suitable for assets, which are affected by technological changes and require more repair expenses with passage of time such as plant and machinery, vehicles, etc.The passage of these substances into the blood depends upon the concentration gradients.With passage of time, there is accumulation of the products C and D and depletion of the reactants A and B (Figureure 2).Presence of such interstitial gradient helps in an easy passage of water from the collecting tubule thereby concentrating the filtrate (urine).Tilloo s father went every day for work along that passage.The same night Chandni made that window her passage to freedom.The porous cellophane membrance of the tube allows the passage of molecules based on concentration gradient.Even if the machine is not used in production process, we can not expect it to realise the same sales price due to the passage of time or arrival of a new model (obsolescence).When an electric current flows through a conducting solution, does it produce an effect on the solution? The passage of an electric current through a conducting solution causes chemical reactions.Examples of physiological effects are release of epinephrine and nor - epinephrine, slowing down of the digestive system, expansion of air passages in the lungs, increased heart rate, and constriction of blood vessels.Then, evading his watchful mother s eye, Tilloo made his way to the forbidden passage.The gastro-oesophageal sphincter controls the passage of food into the stomach.Particulate pollutants bigger than 5 microns are likely to lodge in the nasal passage, whereas particles of about 0 micron enter into lungs easily.1,00,000) against the revenue for the year 200 This part represents, the expired cost or loss in the value of machine on account of its use or passage of time and is referred to as 'Depreciation'.

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