Peasant example sentences

Peasants, artisans, workers and new businessmen enjoyed a new-found freedom.Depositions by about ten thousand peasants were written down, and notes made on other evidence.As a result, significant economic and social differences emerged amongst peasants.Meanwhile in the countryside, peasants and their Socialist Revolutionary leaders pressed for a redistribution of land.This party struggled for peasants' rights and demanded that land belonging to nobles be transferred to peasants.The commission consisted of landlords, government officials, and Gandhi as the sole representative of the peasants.Enraged peasants resisted the authorities and destroyed their livestock.The prices given to the peasants were so low that by the early eighteenth century angry peasants began agitating for higher prices and refused to take advances.In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, merchants from the towns in Europe began moving to the countryside, supplying money to peasants and artisans, persuading them to produce for an international market.The sharecropping arrangement was irksome to the peasants, and many signed willingly.You see my aunt's grandmother gave the free use of these Meadows in perpetuity to the peasants of your father's grandfather, in return for which they were to make bricks for her.An extended schooling system developed, and arrangements were made for factory workers and peasants to enter universities.Gradually, local communities of fisherfolk and shifting cultivators, often tribals, merged with the new communities of peasants.From the 1780s, such peasants found their village headmen (mahato) giving them money advances to produce opium.Many of them were peasants and had families living in the villages.

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