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How much hay have you stacked? Just think, I felt greedy and had a whole field cut, and now I'm not at all pleased about it because I'm afraid my hay may rot.She wanted to tell her that they were sorry they had picked on her, and how wonderful the whole school thought she was, and please, not to move away and everybody would be nice.Goodbye!” Pleased at having put a man on the right path, Sergei tapped Lushkoff kindly on the shoulder and even gave him his hand at parting.You please send a letter.आप एक पत्र भेजिएगा|So I'm sure she'll be only too pleased to see you.[Quickly steps to the carafe and drinks more water] Oxen Meadows are mine! not true! I'll prove it! I'll send my mowers out to the Meadows this very day! What? My mowers will be there this very day! I'll give it to them in the neck! You dare! [Clutches at his heart] Oxen Meadows are mine! You understand? Mine! Please don't shout! You can shout yourself hoarse in your own house but here I must ask you to restrain yourself! If it wasn't, madam, for this awful, excruciating palpitation, if my whole inside wasn't upset, I'd talk to you in a different way! [Yells] Oxen Meadows are mine! But, please, Stepan Stepanovitch, how can they be yours? Do be a reasonable man! My aunt's grandmother gave the Meadows for the temporary and free use of your grandfather's peasants.Their position usually is If you didn t like what you bought, please go elsewhere .''Please don't think that I have such a fine home that you cannot show yourself there'', He said.What pleased me was, here was this person who put in three or four hours at night doing debate research besides doing all his research with butterflies and his other interests.If there's a paisa more than four ruppes I will be very displeased with you.Please always speak in mother-tongue.हमेशा मातृभाषा में बात कीजिये|“You make me mad! What is the point of all these enquiries if he's not a crook? If you think he's a nobody, what's the idea of bothering about him, please tell me?” Nishad looked thoughtful.Please excuse me, your Brilliance, but a cloudy piece of information is twirling around in my head.You please don't buy handkerchief in a shop.आप दुकान में रुमाल मत खरीदिए|Apparently, a group at Slough in England were very pleased to hear that Pamela, the heroine of Richardson's popular novel, had got married in their village.

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