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During anaphase the centromeres divide and the chromatids start moving towards the two opposite poles.Within the wide swathe of territory that came under his control, Napoleon set about introducing many of the reforms that he had already introduced in France.In 1980s atmospheric scientists working in Antarctica reported about depletion of ozone layer commonly known as ozone hole over the South Pole.The first Polish immigrants arrived in America in 1608, but the largest wave of Polish immigration occurred in the early twentieth century, when more than one million Poles migrated to the United States.Note that the Pole Star is not visible from the southern hemisphere.Fresh water is found frozen in the ice-caps at the two poles and on snowcovered mountains.It begins with the simultaneous splitting of the centromere of each chromosome (which was holding the sister chromatids together), allowing them to move toward opposite poles of the cell.This results in its linear shape [with both C–O bonds of equal length (115 pm)] with no dipole moment.The individual chromosomes can no longer be seen and chromatin material tends to collect in a mass in the two poles.After the Napoleonic Wars had ended, thousands of soldiers returned to the villages.However, the Napoleonic Code went back to limited suffrage and reduced women to the status of a minor, subject to the authority of fathers and husbands.Each pole receives half the chromosome number of the parent cell.This is followed by anaphase I in which homologous chromosomes move to the opposite poles with both their chromatids.Napoleon's administrative measures had created out of countless small principalities a confederation of 39 states.From time to time he stands the pole on the ground, selects a flute and plays for a few minutes.

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