Potent example sentences

The voltmeter is always connected in parallel across the points between which the potential difference is to be measured.The accounting information provided by such organisations is meant for the present and potential contributors meet the statutory requirement.This movement of electrons is downhill, in terms of an oxidation-reduction or redox potential scale.It is easy to arrive at an expression for the gravitational potential energy of an object at a height.Rising prices of oil and gas and their potential shortages have raised uncertainties about the security of energy supply in future, which in turn has serious repercussions on the growth of the national economy.Materials in the environment which have the potential to satisfy human needs but human beings do not have the appropriate technology to access these, are included among stock.The chemical reaction within the cell generates the potential difference between its two terminals that sets the electrons in motion to flow the current through a resistor or a system of resistors connected to the battery.External users include: present and potential Investors (shareholders), Creditors (Banks and other Financial Institutions, Debentureholders and other Lenders), Tax Authorities, Regulatory Agencies (Department of Company Affairs, Registrar of Companies, Securities Exchange Board of India, Labour Unions, Trade Associations, Stock Exchange and Customers, etc.While the earthquake cannot be predicted in advance, it is possible to give a three-hour notice of a potential tsunami.The Mughal emperor Jahangir looked upon them as a potential threat and he ordered the execution of Guru Arjan in 160 The Sikh movement began to get politicized in the seventeenth century, a development which culminated in the institution of the Khalsa by Guru Gobind Singh in 169 The community of the Sikhs, called the Khalsa Panth, became a political entity.Humanists believe that human beings are born with a natural tendency to be friendly, cooperative and constructive, and are driven to self-actualise, i.e. to fulfil this potential for goodness and growth.So spontaneity means 'having the potential to proceed without the assistance of external agency'.They tend to engage in any activity irrespective of its earning potential.Kerry Packer, an Australian television tycoon who saw the moneymaking potential of cricket as a televised sport, signed up fifty-one of the world s leading cricketers against the wishes of the national cricket boards and for about two years staged unofficial Tests and One-Day internationals under the name of World Series Cricket.As it falls, its potential energy will change into kinetic energy.

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