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But it had denied the essential freedoms to its citizens and carried out its developmental projects through repressive policies.Most of the objections to the projects arose due to their failure to achieve the purposes for which they were built.For example, his claim that projection reduces anxiety and stress has not found support in several studies.These difficulties may then come to be projected onto someone else.Similarly, if an important project is running behind schedule, corrective action might involve assigning of additional workers and equipment to the project and permission for overtime work.After all, governments spend large sums of money on building industrial or other projects on lands taken from tribals – so why should they be reluctant to spend even very modest amounts on rehabilitating the displaced? As we can see, the existence of a right or a law or even a policy on paper does not mean that it exists in reality.In the capacity of the functional manager the global manager has to ensure he is able to source the right technical skills, build a strong resource base of these skills, and be able to deliver on software projects with these skill-sets working in a globalised on the business cycles that the client s business operates in, understanding and adapting to the processes and methodologies the client is familiar with.These techniques deals with time scheduling and resource allocation for these activities and aims at effective execution of projects within given time schedule and structure of costs.That project won first place for zoology at the International Fair.The knowledge of trend helps in making projections about the business which is a very useful feature.So, if the local people are not benefiting from such projects then who is benefited? Perhaps, the landowners and large farmers, industrialists and few urban centres.The analysis of personality with the help of projective techniques appears fairly interesting.Keeping reserves is costly for banks, as, otherwise, they could lend this balance to interest earning investment projects.But they place more emphasis on the firm's projected financial statements to make analysis about its future solvency and profitability.Cash flow statement is prepared to project the manner in which the cash has been received and has been utilised during an accounting year as it shows the sources of cash receipts and also the purposes for which payments are made.

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