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Spirals of bangles — sunny gold, paddy green, royal blue, pink, purple, every colour born out of the seven colours of the rainbow — lie in mounds in unkempt yards, are piled on four-wheeled handcarts, pushed by young men along the narrow lanes of the shanty town.Subsequently, the best grazing lands were gradually taken over for white settlement and the Maasai were pushed into a small area in south Kenya and north Tanzania.He skirted the clearing and pushed his way into the thicket.Near Ajmer is a lake, Pushkar, which has attracted pilgrims from ancient times.For example, cells positioned away from root apical meristems differentiate as root-cap cells, while those pushed to the periphery mature as epidermis.From the early twentieth century, they formed political pressure groups to push through laws for female suffrage (the right to vote) and better health care and education for women.What I had meant, of course, was, that I should boss the job, and that Harris and George should potter about under my directions, I pushing them aside every now and then with, “Oh, you!” “Here, let me do it.But is there something that we can expect from every democracy, just because it is democracy? Our interest in and fascination for democracy often pushes us into taking a position that democracy can address all socio-economic and political problems.As he turns his head, Gerrard gives him a push into the cupboard, knocking the revolver out of his hand.” “You do believe me now, don't you?” He dragged his jacket, which was shiny and shapeless, from the back of the chair and pushed his arms into it.A number of people had gathered to watch the reunion when a keeper pushed his way through the crowd and asked Grandfather what he was doing.The boys collected their luggage and pushed their way to the crowded platform.In a democracy, there are always communities and individuals trying to expand the idea of democracy and push for a greater recognition of equality on existing as well as new issues.The next big push towards democracy came after 1980, as democracy was revived in several countries of Latin America.In another situation, because of the crop failure, credit pushes the person into a debt trap.

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