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Food security of a nation is ensured if all of its citizens have enough nutritious food available, all persons have the capacity to buy food of acceptable quality and there is no barrier on access to food.Over time, conflicts often develop between the licensor/franchiser and licensee/franchisee over issues such as maintenance of accounts, payment of royalty and non-adherence to norms relating to production of quality products.For example, a production manager may contact marketing manager to discuss about schedule of product delivery, product design, quality etc.This means that we are adding some materials to the water, which spoil its quality and change its smell and colour.The equality of the assets side and the liabilities side of the balance sheet is an undeniable fact and this justifies the name of accounting equation as balance sheet equation also.The government has also set up a wide variety of organisations to collect and disseminate information about international markets, promote exports of specific products, train executives of international business firms, and ensure proper quality and packaging of export goods.This affects not only the quality of water but also the self-cleansing capacity of the river.Her sphere is the home, the care of the children, the nurturing of the family … Do we require any further proof that given such differences, equality between the sexes would only endanger harmony and destroy the dignity of the family?' Louise Otto-Peters (1819-95) was a political activist who founded a women's journal and subsequently a feminist political association.A proforma invoice is a document that contains details as to the quality, grade, design, size, weight and price of the export product, and the terms and conditions on which their export will take place.A barber of a family of professional musicians, who had access to the royal palace, decided to improve the tonal quality of the pungi.How is the quality of air affected and how does this change in quality affect us and other life forms? The fossil fuels like coal and petroleum contain small amounts of nitrogen and sulphur.In 1772, Henry Patullo, a Company official, had ventured to say that the demand for Indian textiles could never reduce, since no other nation produced goods of the same quality.In the previous chapter you read about the powerful ideas of freedom and equality that circulated in Europe after the French Revolution.The storage of massive food stocks has been responsible for high carrying costs, in addition to wastage and deterioration in grain quality.Caste is an important source of economic inequality because it regulates access to resources of various kinds.

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