Quarter example sentences

On the 27th, the Police Headquarters were ransacked.Apart from these companies whose shares are listed on the stock exchange, are required to publish quarterly results to ascertain the profitability and financial position at the end of every three months period.As a result, more than half of the workers in the country are working in the primary sector, mainly in agriculture, producing only a quarter of the GDP.Quarterly review of the trends in receipts and expenditure in relation to the budget be placed before both Houses of Parliament.Reports can be daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly, depending upon the needs of the users.In February 1917, food shortages were deeply felt in the workers' quarters.Grasslands make up almost a quarter of the total land surface.In living quarters, 'in the wintertime, at 40 degrees below, people had to climb down from the fourth floor and dash across the street in order to go to the toilet'.He slept at night in the cook's quarters, and was always delighted at being let out by him in the morning.He went to a house and, using it as headquarters, continued his investigations.While he was being scolded he received help from an unexpected quarter.IMF which came into existence in 1945 has its headquarters located in Washington DC.The group and its affiliates headquartered in Washington DC catering to various financial needs are listed in the Box A on World Bank and its affiliates.These roads connect the district headquarters with other places of the district.For instance, reduction of defects from 10 in every 1,000 pieces produced to 5 in every 1,000 pieces produced by the end of the quarter.

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