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The main sources of income of such organisations are: subscriptions from members, donations, legacies, grant-in-aid, income from investments, etc.Similarly state governments will establish State Employment Guarantee Funds for implementation of the scheme.The franchiser can be any service provider be it a restaurant, hotel, travel agency, bank wholesaler or even a retailer - who has developed a unique technique for creating and marketing of services under its own name and trade mark.Once you see the history behind one or two such issues, you may begin to ask historical questions about other such aspects of ordinary life which you have taken for granted.The committee recommended that fishing rights be granted to the villagers for their livelihood.But it does not guarantee that the entry itself is correct.The breakdown of the Bretton Woods system was preceded by many events, such as the devaluation of the pound in 1967, flight from dollars to gold in 1968 leading to the creation of a two-tiered gold market (with the official rate at $35 per ounce and the private rate market determined), and finally in August 1971, the British demand that US guarantee the gold value of its dollar holdings.As we saw above, there is no guarantee that mistakes cannot be made in democracy.It is document that contains a guarantee from the importer bank to the exporter's bank that it is undertaking to honour the payment up to a certain amount of the bills issued by the exporter for exports of the goods to the importer.Sometimes we take these identities for granted and assume that they have existed from time immemorial.National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) 2005 was passed in September 200 The Act provides 100 days assured employment every year to every rural household in 200 districts.If rights are like guarantees, they are of no use if there is no one to honour them.These bodies provide long and medium term loans and grants to promote the development of economically backward areas in the world.Accounting data give an unwar-ranted impression of precision and finality.The film is based on a novel of the same title written in 1930 by the celebrated Kannada novelist Sivarama Karanth.

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