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Nevertheless, hundreds of sepoys, rebels, nawabs and rajas were tried and hanged.He helped the British to suppress the rebellion though his own son was a rebel and was killed by the British in front of his eyes.These are possible due to a part of the hind-brain called the cerebellum.It brought reinforcements from England, passed new laws so that the rebels could be convicted with ease, and then moved into the storm centres of the revolt.All this changed after 185 During the Revolt that year, as you have seen, the rebels gathered in the city, and persuaded Bahadur Shah to become the leader of the uprising.A situation of widespread popular rebellion developed in the region of Awadh in particular.” To prevent another rebellion, the British exiled Bahadur Shah to Burma (now Myanmar), dismantled his court, razed several of the palaces, closed down gardens and built barracks for troops in their place.Those who had rebelled were told that if they submitted to the British, and if they had not killed any white people, they would remain safe and their rights and claims to land would not be denied.In 1831, an armed rebellion against Russian rule took place which was ultimately crushed.He and his wife Begum Zinat Mahal were sent to prison in Rangoon in October 185 Bahadur Shah Zafar died in the Rangoon jail in November 186 The recapture of Delhi, however, did not mean that the rebellion died down after that.Delhi was recaptured from the rebel forces in September 185 The last Mughal emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar was tried in court and sentenced to life imprisonment.But Bahadur Shah Zafar's decision to bless the rebellion changed the entire situation dramatically.Such a situation developed in the northern parts of India in 185 After a hundred years of conquest and administration, the English East India Company faced a massive rebellion that started in May 1857 and threatened the Company's very presence in India.He was captured, tried and killed in April 185 Just as victories against the British had earlier encouraged rebellion, the defeat of rebel forces encouraged desertions.You cannot use it to incite people to rebel against government.

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