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Its relationship with solubility of the salt is established.In ER diagram, total participation is displayed as double line connecting the participating entity type to the relationship, whereas partial participation is represented by a single line.In Figureure 3 we present a diagrammatic representation of the relations between these major macroeconomic variables.India's contacts with the World have continued through the ages but her relationships through the land routes are much older than her maritime contacts.However, the correlations between life events and susceptibility to any particular illness is low, indicating a weak association between life events and stress.This affected their lives in times of drought and even reshaped their social relationships.We should remember that when we form a new relationship, we experience feelings of uncertainty and anxiety.The human-environment relationship can be appreciated fully by understanding that the two influence each other, and depend on each other for their survival and maintenance.It is a term that helps us to understand many of the inequalities and power relations between men and women in society.The relational data model represents the database as collection of relations, which resembles a table of values (or data table).Counselling involves helping relationship, that includes someone seeking help, and someone willing to give help.Since every employee is not expected to prepare at least one of the vouchers, the participation of employee in PREPARED BY relationship is partial, implying that some of employee entities are related to the voucher entity via PREPARED BY relationship.One to represent debit and another to represent credit relationship.The reason is that there is no relationship between these two aspects.Their relationship may not have been as bad as that between the whites and the blacks in South Africa.

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