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In other words, factors of production use their remunerations to buy the goods and services which they assisted in producing.When a partner has agreed to undertake the dissolution work for an agreed remuneration bear the realisation expenses.These remunerations will once again be used to buy the goods and services.Market activities involve remuneration to any one who performs i.e., activity performed for pay or profit.Since they will produce more, the firms must also pay the factors of production extra remunerations.Households get the remuneration from the firms for the services rendered by them and buy goods and services produced by the firms.'Begar' is a practice where the worker is forced to render service to the 'master' free of charge or at a nominal remuneration.There is no leakage from the system – there is no difference between the amount that the firms had distributed in the form of factor payments (which is the sum total of remunerations earned by the four factors of production) and the aggregate consumption expenditure that they receive as sales revenue.As we have mentioned before, there may fundamentally be four kinds of contributions that can be made during the production of goods and services (a) contribution made by human labour, remuneration for which is called wage (b) contribution made by capital, remuneration for which is called interest (c) contribution made by entrepreneurship, remuneration of which is profit (d) contribution made by fixed natural resources (called 'land'), remuneration for which is called rent.In the next period the firms will once again produce goods and services and pay remunerations to the factors of production.

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