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Forecasting of future trends based only on historical analysis is not feasible.The financial statements may be analysed by computing trends of series of information.Finally, we shall examine some of the periodic trends in the physical and chemical properties of the elements.She was defeated and preferred to die rather than surrender.Explain these trends in terms of nuclear charge and energy level.We have observed the periodic trends in certain fundamental properties such as atomic and ionic radii, ionization enthalpy, electron gain enthalpy and valence.Using the previous years' data of a business enterprise, trend analysis can be done to observe the percentage changes over time in the selected data.Service motive: The basic motive of a profession is to serve their client s interests by rendering dedicated and committed service.But in case of trend analysis, we learn about the behaviour of the same item over a given period, say, during the last 5 years.Secondly, revenue is assumed to be realised when a legal right to receive it arises, i.e. the point of time when goods have been sold or service has been rendered.By nightfall, the city was under the committee's control and the ministers had surrendered.In this section we shall discuss the periodic trends in certain physical and chemical properties and try to explain them in terms of number of electrons and energy levels.Most exchange rates change slightly on a day-to-day basis, and market forces generally determine the basic trends.Though the 'right of inheritance' leading to the division of land among successive generations has rendered land-holding size uneconomical, the farmers continue to take maximum output from the limited land in the absence of alternative source of livelihood.By looking at a trend in a particular ratio, one may find whether the ratio is falling, rising or remaining relatively constant.

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