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Management helps in achieving group goals: Management is required not for itself but for achieving the goals of the organisation.There are four requirements for production of goods and services.Also, some money is always required during production to make payments and buy other necessary items.Job enrichment is concerned with designing jobs that include greater variety of work content, require higher level of knowledge and skill; give workers more autonomy and responsibility; and provide the opportunity for personal growth and a meaningful work experience.Similarly, the purpose for which funds are required need to be considered so that the source is matched with the use.Performance tests require subjects to manipulate objects and other materials to perform a task.Sufficient funds are required to redeem debentures at the end of a specified period.Both the controls may be customised according to the requirement of the designer.The crops are selected such that their nutrient requirements are different.It is a kharif crop which requires high temperature, (above 25°C) and high humidity with annual rainfall above 100 cm.Sufficient funds are required to redeem debentures at the end of a specified period.arious categories of export houses have been recognised with a view to building marketing infrastructure and expertise required for export promotion.A similar family in the urban areas would need a minimum of Rs 2,270 per month to meet their basic requirements.Production requires a variety of raw materials such as the yarn used by the weaver and the clay used by the potter.Since no individual entrepreneur can do everything himself, he must identify the requirement of skilled and unskilled workers and managerial staff.

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