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The business enterprise must aim at acquiring these resources according to their requirements and use them efficiently.abolishing licensing requirement in most of the industries except a short list, freedom in deciding the scale of business activities i.e., no restrictions on expansion or contraction of business activities, removal of restrictions on the movement of goods and services, freedom in fixing the prices of goods services, reduction in tax rates and lifting of unnecessary controls over the economy, simplifying procedures for imports and experts, and making it easier to attract foreign capital and technology to India.This helps him to use chemical fertilisers and pesticides wherever they are required.To meet this requirement, the company may decide to create a sinking fund and invest adequate amount in marketable securities or bonds of other business entities.The financial statements generally include two statements known as balance sheet and profit and loss account which are required for external reporting and also for internal needs of the management like planning, decision-making and control.They provide both owned capital and loan capital for long and medium term requirements and supplement the traditional financial agencies like commercial banks.Proper forecasting requires consideration of non-financial factors as well.n such tests, items are constructed in a manner that they assess experiences common to all cultures or have questions in which language usage is not required.The amount of working capital required varies from one business concern to another depending on various factors.There is a constitutional requirement in India (Article 112) to present before the Parliament a statement of estimated receipts and expenditures of the government in respect of every financial year which runs from 1 April to 31 March.It is a kharif crop and requires 6 to 8 months to mature.Water is required for transfer of male gametes to archegonium where zygote is formed after fertilisation.Whereas capital reserve is created for compliance of legal requirements or accounting practices.This offers great convenience to the customers in buying products of their requirements.As individuals, we may not have all the required information.

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