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Other research findings show that watching violence may actually reduce the natural aggressive tendency of the viewers : what is 'bottled up' gets an outlet, and thus cleans the system, like a choked drainpipe being cleaned.Mendeleev s Periodic Law spurred several areas of research during the subsequent decades.Research on justice has identified several principles of justice.It is rather significantly involved in areas like removal of rural poverty through raising productivity, increasing income of the rural poor, providing technical support, and initiating research and cooperative ventures.What pleased me was, here was this person who put in three or four hours at night doing debate research besides doing all his research with butterflies and his other interests.An American psychologist, John Dollard along with his collaborators, conducted research specifically to examine the frustration-aggression theory.He continued to carry out important research work in many areas until his death in 190 You will notice from the modern Period Table (Figureure 2) that Mendeleev s name has been immortalized by naming the element with atomic number 101, as Mendelevium.In the 1920s, according to research reports on Samoan society, children did not go to school.In India, the Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) advises people how to save petrol/diesel while driving.Some psychologists carry out research to propound or investigate theoretical formulations while others are concerned with our daily life activities and behaviour.Research has shown that when acting in groups, people are more competitive as well as more aggressive than when they are on their own.One researcher found that inhaling tobacco smoke can increase the aggression level of individuals.Other researches have shown that not even one of those identified as gifted, followed up throughout their adult life, had become well-known for creativity in some field.It is important to know about the conditions and competencies that are necessary besides research skills for a psychologist.The qualities of good leaders as identified by some researchers are shown in the box in previous page.

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