Round example sentences

This process goes on, round after round, with producers increasing their output to clear the excess demand in each round and consumers spending a part of their additional income from this extra production on consumption items – thereby creating further excess demand in the next round.More and more MNCs are looking for locations around the world that are cheap for their production.However, their period of revolution round the Sun is usually very long.The tiger approached the bars, and allowed Grandfather to put both hands around his head.People had in-depth knowledge of rainfall regimes and soil types and developed wide ranging techniques to harvest rainwater, groundwater, river water and flood water in keeping with the local ecological conditions and their water needs.Did you notice the differences? Do both have the same types of mesophylls? Do they have similar cells around the vascular bundle sheath? The particularly large cells around the vascular bundles of the C4 pathway plants are called bundle sheath cells, and the leaves which have such anatomy are said to have 'Kranz' anatomy.This gap is occupied by a large number of small objects that revolve around the Sun.Adiabatic process is a process in which there is no transfer of heat between the system and surroundings.We use the term satellite for the bodies revolving around planets.In Russia, the war was initially popular and people rallied around Tsar Nicholas .Towns emerged around temples such as those of Bhillasvamin (Bhilsa or idisha in Madhya Pradesh), and Somnath in Gujarat.Another round of negotiations with Walesa resulted in an agreement in April 1989 for free elections.He manages to earn around Rs 1,500 a month when he finds employment, which is not often.But have you ever wondered what this could result in? That it may lead to falling groundwater levels, adversely affecting water availability and food security of the people.ery often these reserves were in areas that had traditionally been regular grazing grounds for Maasai herds.

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