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This map was used by European sailors and merchants on their voyages (see Chapter 6).asco da Gama, a Portuguese sailor, was one of those who sailed across the Atlantic to the African coast, went round it, crossing over to the Indian Ocean.On the bitterly cold morning of 18 January 1871, an assembly comprising the princes of the German states, representatives of the army, important Prussian ministers including the chief minister Otto von Bismarck gathered in the unheated Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of ersailles to proclaim the new German Empire headed by Kaiser William I of Prussia.Shipment of advice contains invoice number, bill of lading/airways bill number and date, name of the vessel with date, the port of export, description of goods and quantity, and the date of sailing of the vessel.In the fifteenth century European sailors undertook unprecedented explorations of sea routes.In January 1871, the Prussian king, William I, was proclaimed German Emperor in a ceremony held at ersailles.He landed in the West Indies (which got their name because of this confusion) in 149 He was followed by sailors and conquerors from Spain and Portugal, who occupied large parts of Central and South America, often destroying earlier settlements in the area.Surat has also been called the gate to Mecca because many pilgrim ships set sail from here.The first record we have of cricket being played in India is from 1721, an account of recreational cricket played by English sailors in Cambay.Other vessels sailed down the Neva and took over various military points.Pilots, sailors, sculptors, painters, architects, interior decorators, and surgeons are likely to have highly developed spatial intelligence.In 1885, Maasailand was cut into half with an international boundary between British Kenya and German Tanganyika.Before colonial times, Maasailand stretched over a vast area from north Kenya to the steppes of northern Tanzania.In spite of the obvious hazards, the routes that were opened up proved to be extremely profitable and he was followed by English, Dutch and French sailors.On the assumption that the earth was round, Christopher Columbus, an Italian, decided to sail westwards across the Atlantic Ocean to find a route to India.

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