Second example sentences

Secondly, the company can purchase them when they are available in market at a discount.The least generalised characteristics of a person are called secondary traits.Another point to be noted is that the words 'and Final' will also be added to the last call, say, if second call is the last call it will be termed as 'Second and Final Call' and if it is the third call which is the last call, it will be termed as 'Third and Final Call'.Second, the sudden loss of all their belongings as well as their dear ones leaves people shocked and stunned.The word/words First, Second, or Third must be added between the words “Share” and 'Call' in the Share Call account depending upon the identity of the call made.They used up 4 5 per cent of revenue receipts in 2004-0 Defence expenditure, the second largest component of non-plan expenditure, is committed expenditure in the sense that given the national security concerns, there exists little scope for drastic reduction.By the time he was in the second grade, Ebright had collected all twentyfive species of butterflies found around his hometown.Estrogen stimulates growth and development of female accessory sex organs and secondary sex characters.International Monetary Fund (IMF) is the second international organisation next to the World Bank.In this chapter, three types of classifications are discussed: primary/secondary/tertiary; organised/ unorganised; and public/private.Second, the goods may be sent by alue Payable Post ( PP).The second relates to deficits in adaptive behaviour.Secondly, the company can purchase them when they are available in market at a discount.Second, it references Employees (EmpId, Fname, Minit, Lname, Address, PhoneNo, SuperId).This is the second way in which the nervous system communicates with the muscles.

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