Seedling example sentences

A seed germinates and grows, and we can see that the seedling moves over the course of a few days, it pushes soil aside and comes out.The 'bakane' (foolish seedling) a disease of rice seedlings, was caused by a fungal pathogen Gibberalla fujikuroi.On the other hand, the directional movement of a seedling is caused by growth.Now pour the same amount of water in each glass and plant the seedlings in them.They germinate, and over winter come out as small seedlings, resume growth in the spring, and are harvested usually around mid-summer.The decaying animal dung also provides nutrients to the seedlings to grow”, said Prof Ahmad.Several beetles and grubs were feeding on the heap and a bunch of seedlings was sprouting.Influences of ethylene on plants include horizontal growth of seedlings, swelling of the axis and apical hook formation in dicot seedlings.Kurosawa reported the appearance of symptoms of the disease in uninfected rice seedlings when they were treated with sterile filtrates of the fungus.You have already studied the organisation of a flowering plant in Chapter Have you ever thought about where and how the structures like roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds arise and that too in an orderly sequence? You are, by now, aware of the terms seed, seedling plantlet, mature plant.It prevents competition between the plant and its own seedlings for sunlight, water and minerals.

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