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Normally, they do not manufacture, purchase or sell goods and may not have credit transactions.This little individual timidly asked the ticket seller for a seat in the gallery and paid for it in copper coins.It will issue a cheque of Rs 100 on itself to the seller of the bond.His best-seller, Chandrakanta – a romance with dazzling elements of fantasy – is believed to have contributed immensely in popularising the Hindi language and the Nagari script among the educated classes of those times.It is generally offered by manufactures to wholesellers and by wholesellers to retailers.In mail order selling, the buyers and sellers may be located very far away from each other and there is no personal contact between the two.Sello-taped to the top of it was a piece of lined notepaper, and written on it in shaky handwriting: “Jim's last letter, received January 25, 191 To be buried with me when the time comes.You have already read in Chapter 5 that empathy is the ability of a counsellor to understand the feelings of another person from her/his perspective.Under this system, also called dirty floating, central banks intervene to buy and sell foreign currencies in an attempt to moderate exchange rate movements whenever they feel that such actions are appropriate.Trade credit is a convenient and continuous source of funds; Trade credit may be readily available in case the credit worthiness of the customers is known to the seller; Trade credit needs to promote the sales of an organisation; If an organisation wants to increase its inventory level in order to meet expected rise in the sales volume in the near future, it may use trade credit to, finance the same; It does not create any charge on the assets of the firm while providing funds.For example, psychologists working in clinical settings need to be trained in various techniques of therapeutic interventions, psychological assessment, and counselling.To a large extent, however, the success of a counselling process depends on the skill, knowledge, attitude, personal qualities and behaviour of a counsellor, any or all of which can enhance or diminish the helping process.So, persons who sell papad, pickles, sweets and jams that they have made at home are not considered as fashionable as brand products.There is a minimum stretch of three to four months between the time when the farmers buy these inputs and when they sell the crop.The individuals can then sell their produces for money and use this money to purchase the commodities they need.

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