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Goods like food and clothing, and services like recreation that are consumed when purchased by their ultimate consumers are called consumption goods or consumer goods.In other words, factors of production use their remunerations to buy the goods and services which they assisted in producing.The success of mail order business depends heavily on the availability of efficient postal services at a place.Countries all over the world are undergoing a fundamental shift in the way they produce and market various products and services.The link between the balance of payments accounts and the transactions in the foreign exchange market is evident when we recognise that all expenditures by domestic residents on foreign goods, services and assets and all foreign transfer payments (debits in the BoP accounts) also represent demand for foreign exchange.Social support may be in the form of tangible support or assistance involving material aid, such as money, goods, services, etc.They also deal in consumer items and provide service to consumers in terms of making the products available where needed.These are called services or auxiliaries to trade and include transport, banking, insurance, communication, advertisement, packaging and warehousing.Thus, postal services and telephone facilities may also be regarded as auxiliaries to business activities.Sheela is not paid for the services delivered for upbringing of the family.These organisations have service as the main objective and not the profit as is the case of organisations in business.In spite of this, the result is erosion in the volume of natural resources and expiry of the service potential.It also undertakes technical consultancy, testing services on packaging developments, training and educational programmes, promotional award contests, information services and other allied activities.They were unhappy about their pay, allowances and conditions of service.He represents a US software services firm that outsources project work to its delivery partners in Gurgaon, the software hub of North India.

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