Severely example sentences

Reduced levels of natural killer cell cytotoxicity have been found in people who are highly stressed, including students facing important examinations, bereaved persons, and those who are severely depressed.So their ability to carry out normal life activities is severely limited.In these, some customary grazing rights of pastoralists were granted but their movements were severely restricted.They were severely punished, and since the issue did not die down, in 1856 the Company passed a new law which stated that every new person who took up employment in the Company's army had to agree to serve overseas if required.Those who resisted collectivisation were severely punished.Producing solely for the purposes of domestic consumption severely restricts a country's prospects for growth and employment.Those found guilty of disobeying the rules were severely punished.Their work as well as their children's schooling is severely disrupted because of the distance from the outskirts of the city to these locations.It was then discovered that her hearing was severely impaired as a result of gradual nerve damage.Although every caste has some members who are rich, the upper castes are heavily over-represented among the rich while the lower castes are severely under-represented.

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