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You have seen in Chapter 2, that the agriculture sector provides the bulk of employment and a significant portion of the GDP in India.They use it for writing, for designing, for listening to music and for watching films.It refers to a set of techniques that are used to design a database.Heroin intake significantly interferes with social and occupational functioning.The Khalsa declared their sovereign rule by striking their own coin again in 176 Significantly, this coin bore the same inscription as the one on the orders issued by the Khalsa in the time of Banda Bahadur.Similarly, if an important project is running behind schedule, corrective action might involve assigning of additional workers and equipment to the project and permission for overtime work.The American Association on Mental Deficiency (AAMD) views mental retardation as significantly sub-average general intellectual functioning existing concurrently with deficits in adaptive behaviour and manifested during the developmental period .Management is the process of designing and maintaining an environment in which individuals, working together in groups, efficiently accomplish selected aims.In this method, the report is designed by assembling and embedding various components from report tool box.Once the election results were announced, the sitting Chief Minister resigned.For the poor the threshing machines had become a sign of bad times.For example, if an Indian firm finds that a foreign multinational is entering the Indian market with new substitutes, it should act as a warning signal.This is because when an electron is added to O or F, the added electron goes to the smaller n = 2 quantum level and suffers significant repulsion from the other electrons present in this level.Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, on the other hand, recorded significant increases in rice yield.Planning the products is a difficult task that is done by a team of marketing and design experts to ensure that whatever is produced is according to market demand.

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