Small example sentences

The wholesalers purchase in bulk and sell in relatively small quantities to the retailers.An increase in autonomous demand thus leads to a smaller increase in output compared to a closed economy.After a few weeks' training, the small ants are ready to go out into the big world of work.The loss of the finest grazing lands and water resources created pressure on the small area of land that the Maasai were confined within.On the other hand, purchase and sale of goods in relatively small quantities, generally to the ultimate consumers, is referred to as retail trade.You may have observed how some people are quick to seek doctor's help while others do not if they are suffering from such symptoms as nausea, cold, diarrhoea, smallpox, etc.The total area covered by a stall is very limited and, therefore, they handle goods on a very small scale.One reason for the formation of strong bonds by carbon is its small size.The following is adapted from an account of experiences of being in a small town in Madhya Pradesh in the 1960s.The second night Mijbil came on to my bed in the small hours and remained asleep in the crook of my knees until the servant brought tea in the morning, and during the day he began to lose his apathy and take a keen, much too keen, interest in his surroundings.The reactions in which only small amounts of products are formed and most of the reactants remain unchanged at equilibrium stage.The wolf was big and ferocious whereas the goat, though healthy, was small.There are 100 houses in the village - all very small.गाँव में सौ घर हैं| सब छोटे-छोटे|Developing countries with large populations usually practise intensive agriculture where crops are grown on small holdings mostly for subsistence.There was a small chance that the comet may just graze the atmosphere of the Earth and not collide.

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