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33 million tonnes in 1995 9 Production in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa and the northeastern states continued to stagger.He summoned all his strength, got up, and staggered in the direction of the sound.Of all the conformations of ethane, the staggered form has the least torsional strain and the eclipsed form, the maximum torsional strain.Sawhorse projections of eclipsed and staggered conformations of ethane are depicted.As mentioned earlier, in staggered form of ethane, the electron clouds of carbon-hydrogen bonds are as far apart as possible.On the other hand, when the staggered form changes into the eclipsed form, the electron clouds of the carbon – hydrogen bonds come closer to each other resulting in increase in electron cloud repulsions.Eclipsed and the staggered conformations can be represented by Sawhorse and Newman projections.Out of staggered and the eclipsed conformations of ethane, staggered conformation is more stable as hydrogen atoms are farthest apart.Literary fiction, academic texts, essays, children's books, newspaper articles—his written output is staggeringly large and wide-ranging, In 1980, he acquired the equivalent of intellectual superstardom with the publication of The Name of the Rose, which sold more than 10 million copies.One such conformation in which hydrogen atoms attached to two carbons are as closed together as possible is called eclipsed conformation and the other in which hydrogens are as far apart as possible is known as the staggered conformation.] [following him] And don't set foot in my house again! Take it to court! We'll see! [Lomov staggers out.

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