Stake example sentences

We wish to get praise and avoid criticism, therefore we try to perform well and avoid mistakes.God could not have made a mistake, nor could he have denied Lencho what he had requested.Any mistake in this regard can result in high cost of production, inconvenience in getting right kind of production inputs or serving the customers in the best possible way.If the translator is not proficient with both the languages, mistakes may creep in causing different meanings to the communication.We need to consider if the goals of all the above stakeholders with regard to the management of the forests are the same.Worries can reach such a level that they surface as a frightening, painful physical sensation, which can be mistaken for a heart attack.Even when they make mistakes, they are responsible for their conduct.If this list does not appear or it is closed by mistake, it can be recalled by clicking at the field list icon appearing before the icon for tool box.It is primarily concerned with the provision of financial information to all stakeholders.Throughout India the richest merchants and bankers were gaining a stake in the new political order.But in the case of a complex or new task, the person may be afraid of making mistakes.Advise Ruchica for the mistakes committed by her in the preparation of financial statements in the context of basic concepts in accounting.I didn't eat them all by myself, though I fed them to a whole lot of children too, but yes, it was a mistake.It is termed as 'Secret Reserve', as it is not known to outside stakeholders.They do not have any stake in ensuring that one particular area should yield on optimal amount of some produce for all generations to come.

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