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“N-n-n-n NO, no-no-no,” she shouted in terror and pulled her hand away from her father's grip.I laughed and said, “Well, Mr Terror, what do you think you can do to me?” It fled and I swam on.Another type of anxiety disorder is panic disorder, which consists of recurrent anxiety attacks in which the person experiences intense terror.She never quite recovered from the terror she felt that day.ery often people who have been caught in a natural disaster (such as tsunami) or have been victims of bomb blasts by terrorists, or been in a serious accident or in a war-related situation, experience posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).' 'The Kirghiz welcomed the first revolution (ie February Revolution) with joy and the second revolution with consternation and terror … [This] first revolution freed them from the oppression of the Tsarist regime and strengthened their hope that … autonomy would be realised.And whenever I did — whether I was wading the Tieton or Bumping River or bathing in Warm Lake of the Goat Rocks — the terror that had seized me in the pool would come back.Stark terror took an even deeper hold on me, like a great charge of electricity.The experience had a deep meaning for me, as only those who have known stark terror and conquered it can appreciate.Each time the instructor relaxed his hold on the rope and I went under, some of the old terror returned and my legs froze.Terrorised Muslims lived in makeshift camps till they could leave for Pakistan.And then sheer, stark terror seized me, terror that knows no understanding, terror that knows no control, terror that no one can understand who has not experienced it.And then in the midst of the terror came a touch of reason.I still wondered if I would be terror-stricken when I was alone in the pool.But the cold terror of the family grew with the crashing of trees that had got uprooted and fallen on their house, some time in the middle of the night, damaging its roof and walls.

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