The rich example sentences

The rich countries, excluding countries of Middle East and certain other small countries, are generally called developed countries.Although every caste has some members who are rich, the upper castes are heavily over-represented among the rich while the lower castes are severely under-represented.For example in the United States of America, poor people, African Americans and Hispanics vote much less than the rich and the white people.At present, it is the richer households who receive credit from formal sources whereas the poor have to depend on the informal sources.” Ustad Bismillah Khan's life is a perfect example of the rich, cultural heritage of India, one that effortlessly accepts that a devout Muslim like him can very naturally play the shehnai every morning at the Kashi ishwanath temple.The landlords, the rich and the Church opposed his policies.Enclosures also allowed the richer landowners to expand the land under their control and produce more for the market.Such a division also ignored the rich diversity of the subcontinent.In the context of poverty, discrimination refers to the behaviour that makes a distinction between the rich and the poor, favouring the rich and the advantaged over the poor and the disadvantaged.The poor are more likely to suffer from specific mental illnesses compared to the rich, possibly due to constant worriness about basic necessities, feelings of insecurity, or inability to get medical facilities, especially for mental illnesses.Different people plan to save different fractions of their additional incomes (with the rich typically saving a greater proportion of their income than the poor), and if we average these we may arrive at a fraction which will give us an idea of what proportion of the total additional income of the economy people wish to save as a whole.Duttada was aware of the gulf that separates the rich from the poor, the educated from the illiterate, the privileged from the unprivileged.Two, there was not enough money in the game for the rich to be interested.On the other hand, it is usually the rich and the powerful that get the maximum earnings from the market.At present, it is the richer households who receive formal credit whereas the poor have to depend on the informal sources.

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