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Came to power in 1998 as the leader of the National Democratic Alliance including several state and regional parties.This can also be understood by using reaction quotient, Qc.The major elements of ER Model are entities, attributes, identifiers and relationships that are used to express a reality for which a database is to be designed.In the Western culture, the self and the group exist as two different entities with clearly defined boundaries.Although these organisations are non-profit making entities and they are not required to make Trading and Profit & Loss Account but it is necessary to know whether the income during the year was sufficient to meet the expenses or not.Although, the parties do not contest formally, it is generally noticed that the village gets split into more than one faction, each of which puts up a 'panel' of its candidates.After listening to this, Boojho noted in his notebook, “By harbouring greater variety of plants, the forest provides greater opportunities for food and habitat for the herbivores.Telecommunication facilities (telegraph, telephone including mobile phones, fax) are used to contact one another around the world, to access information instantly, and to communicate from remote areas.From time-totime, manufacturers and distributors have to carry on various promotional activities in order to increase the sale of their products.Cabinet Ministers are usually top-level leaders of the ruling party or parties who are in charge of the major ministries.Depending upon the size of activities and level of business operation, it can be a sole-proprietory concern, partnership firm, cooperative society, company, local authority, municipal corporation or any other association of persons.This helps the users of cash flow statement to assess the impact of these activities on the financial position of an enterprise and so also on its cash and cash equivalents.Long-term liabilities are those that are usually payable after a period of one year, for example, a term loan from a financial institution or debentures (bonds) issued by a company.Ambedkar, who played a key role in the making of the Constitution but he had a different understanding of how inequalities could be removed.Opposition parties did contest elections, but never managed to win.

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