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The Capital Budget is an account of the assets as well as liabilities of the central government, which takes into consideration changes in capital.At that time, the structure of atom was unknown and Mendeleev s idea to consider that the properties of the elements were in someway related to their atomic masses was a very imaginative one.It is our ethical responsibility to consider that each and every species along with us have an intrinsic right to exist.The founder of the business has to consider in advance the tax liability under various tax laws and its impact on business decisions.Another classification is to consider whether people are working in organised or unorganised revised periodically taking into consideration the rise in prices.If you get a job in a far off place, before accepting it you would try to consider many factors, apart from income, such as facilities for your family, working atmosphere, or opportunity to learn.We will like to consider in this chapter how a life condition turns into a challenge or a cause of stress.The accountant of the trader has advised him not to consider the expected loss on account of payment of legal damages because the amount is not certain and the final judgment of the court is not yet out.We need to consider if the goals of all the above stakeholders with regard to the management of the forests are the same.The depreciation is provided taking into consideration the useful economic life of fixed assets.The formation of a regional state in eighteenthcentury Bengal therefore led to considerable change amongst the zamindars.Why do we not take the simple fact into consideration that the vast majority of mankind who are vigorous in body and mind are simple agriculturists, that they are strangers to these games, and they are the salt of the earth? Letter to Lazarus, 17 April 1915, The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi.So one needs to consider the other's frame of reference, that is, the context used by the sender to say something.While deciding on how much money to hold at a certain point of time one has to consider the trade off between the advantage of liquidity and the disadvantage of the foregone interest.

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